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Inventory Management


Monarch Electric is happy to offer an inventory management solution that best suits your company’s needs!

eTurns’ cloud software provides real-time visibility of inventory at the point-of-use and then automates replenishment. These points-of-use could be a remote stockroom, a service truck, a tool crib, etc. eTurns works with existing ERP and warehouse systems or as a stand-alone service to help manage remote inventory.

Manage Consigned or Customer-owned material with VMI/CMI

Whether inventory is managed by the vendor (VMI), managed by the customer (CMI), or consigned to the customer, eTurns economizes all on-hand inventory levels and reduces cash in inventory.

Choose your technology. Increase your ROI

eTurns manages inventory with iPhones, scanners, sensors and RFID — offering increasing degrees of automation and cost savings.

Hit the Easy Button with our Dashboard

eTurns provides analytics on a dashboard as transactions are captured. Alert buttons notify users of to-dos.

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